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Mountain Buggy Terrain Review

10 Dec

Christmas Tree Terrain

It was a dark and stormy night. Yet, the husband insisted that this was the night we must get the quintessential Christmas Tree. I  was hesitant, but then what to my wondering eyes did appear, but the “can do” Mountain Buggy  Terrain! Sharp, yet rugged.

Now if any buggy can tackle that sloshy wet mulch and wood chips that our lot is known for, it would be the 16″ tires on the Terrain.

It’s the 4th in my MB line-up. I have the MBUD, Swift, MBUS, and now the Terrain. I was confident in the ability of any of them to handle those conditions. But the Terrain, with it’s big wheels, suspension, covered basket, and higher seat, would be especially well-suited. I had already been testing it on the Strollerqueen Obstacle Course, and was amazed at how it would glide over a bed of river rocks, one-handed, almost the same as if it were on the sidewalk.

And oh, the rain, it did come down. Coating the canopy, the handlebar, and the handbrake.  Which still worked soaking wet, btw.

This handbrake, combined with the big wheels, makes the Terrain the MB that is best suited for running. And based on this lousy weather, I would say the best for big snow drifts, too. It helps that you can also lock the front swivel wheel outward.

I added the MB red fleece seat pad, and voila! the Christmas feeling. And the pull-out sun visor, also comes in very handy in the rain.

I am happy to say that despite the storm, SP 2.0 picked a tree that was big and beautiful, the best yet!

The next day the weather was much better. One thing I always marveled about was how quickly my other Mountain Buggies would dry. (So easy to clean!) Fortunately, the Terrain followed suit. So now it was perfect to try the Terrain in more moderate conditions. I’ve had MB’s since 2001. As citizens of Strollerland know, I was their first US customer! So I’ve been singing MB’s praises for nearly a decade.

When the Urban came out, I often recommended it as the stroller to get if you only wanted one, that could do it all. I used to take mine to the Farmer’s Market, then to the beach, then to a restaurant, and never skipped a beat. I wanted to see if the Terrain was just as versatile.

The big wheels had earned their keep on the stormy Christmas Tree lot. But how would they handle searching for a pre-teen girls’ Christmas Irish Dancing dress? I mention the details so you can see that this would be no easy feat. It would require a lot of zipping in and out of small stores, and be comfortable enough to keep SP 2.0 reasonably happy.

And I am pleased to report that I was impressed beyond reason. Although the Terrain is certainly not what you would call a small stroller, it’s maneuverability is so fluid that I could navigate all the tightly packed Christmas racks one-handed, and not knock anyone over in the process. Halleluia! I don’t think I have ever pushed a stroller of this size that was so nimble. So I was happy.

The Terrain has a good sized basket for shopping, with a big rear zippered pocket.


The basket has a front pouch, and a net zippered top. There are net pockets on both sides of the canopy, and

dual built in cup holders!

There are even pockets on the inside of the seat.

And like the rest of the Mountain Buggy family, it stands alone folded. So it wasn’t too bad in the back of the car. I think this is another reason I keep accumulating so many. They stand up so flat and neat in my closet, unlike most A/T’s that are bulky and fall over. And how about SP 2.0?  He was happy, too. He loved the napper bar, and  fleece seat pad,  Check out the face of contentment.

The Terrain has a full recline, but we didn’t even need it, because it is so comfy as is.

And DD was happy, because she was able to find the perfect dress, thanks to the awesome performance of the Mt. Buggy Terrain. A true Christmas miracle!

Here’s hoping that you find a Terrain under  your Christmas Tree, or Menorah!

Mountain Buggy Terrain

Weight:                                  30 lbs.

Seat Back:                             20″

Seat to canopy:                 23″

Seat Width:                           14″

Seat Depth:                            8″

Drop to footrest:               9.5″

Seat to ground:                   22″

Length:                                     40″

Width:                                       24.5″

Height:                                    33.5-46″

Folded:                                  42.5″L x 24.5″W x 15.5″H

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