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Baby Jogger City Select stroller review

19 May

A diamond for Mother’s Day

Ever since CEO Dave Boardman acquired Baby Jogger, he’s made it his mission to make life as fun and easy for parents as possible. Well that, and to sell as many strollers as possible, lol! But if you master the former, then you will accomplish the latter.  As proof, the City Select is back-ordered everywhere!

It’s the latest addition to Baby Jogger’s “fun and easy” line-up of strollers.

Fun, because you can use it as a single or double. And you can adjust the bassinet or seats in numerous different configurations.

Both seats facing each other:

Both seats facing you:

Both seats facing out:

One seat facing in, the other seat facing out. And so on.

It is also fun to have a tandem. Getting stuck in and aisle or doorway is no fun. Gliding through a crowded nursery without knocking over a potted plant is:

Also no fun is having the sun glare directly in your eyes. With the BJ trademark huge canopies, no worries there!

As on other BJ models, the fold is easy. If you forget how to do it, just read.

Popping off the seat to change directions is as simple as pushing this button:

Same with the tires. You can pop them off for a more compact fold by pushing in this lever:

The basket zippers open for easier access. And boy, is it big!

The peekaboo window on the top has a flap that closes with a magnet. This feature–magnetic instead of velcro or tie closure–is turning out to be surprisingly popular.

And I don’t think I have seen a harness this easy to adjust. Take a look:

And when it’s time for a snooze, just pull the recline lever in the back:

My “Diamond” is stunning, and practical. A rare gem in the double stroller world. Can’t think of anything I would rather have for Mother’s Day. Hope that everyone in Strollerland was richly rewarded, because you’re worth a million bucks. Happy Mother’s Day!

Baby Jogger City Select

Weight as single:     28 pounds

Weight as double:   36 pounds (with brackets)

Seat Back:                18.5″

Seat to canopy:         22.5″

Seat Width:               12.5″

Seat Depth:                8″

Drop to footrest:        9″

Seat to ground:          18-25″

Length:                       36″ wheel to wheel

Width:                         24.5″

Height:                        40″-43.5″

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