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Maclaren Techno XT Review

14 Jan

Happy Techno New Year!
There is just something so festive about Maclarens. Well some, anyway. For 2009, my New Year’s stroller was the Shanghai Tang Quest. And to usher in 2010, I chose an all-black Techno XT, with a gold liner. Doesn’t get much better than this.
I am just crazy about all the great liners you can get from Maclaren now, to compliment any season, or occasion. And since this is winter, I also went with the all black faux fur footmuff (say that six times, real fast!) Kept my Happy New Year baby cosy and warm!
I’m not sure if the mood was as festive over at the Maclaren HQ’s. 2009 saw them embroiled in one of the biggest baby product recalls of all time, affecting one million strollers. The recall was initiated by Maclaren, after a dozen children had their fingertips amputated by the hinges, when their stroller was being folded. But, to put it all in perspective, this is 12 out of one million, over the course of a decade. Naturally, I am terribly sorry for any child who is hurt. When I was six, I had the top third of my right middle finger amputated. It was dusk, and I was reaching into my Dad’s car trunk, for the last bag of groceries. My brother thought we had finished unloading, and slammed down the lid of the trunk. It shut and locked, trapping my finger. To this day, I can still see the horror on my Dad’s face, as he frantically fumbled for the keys, amidst my ear-piercing screams. It was traumatic and horrible, but we didn’t think about suing the car manufacturer. It was what it was, a tragically freak accident. I guess my point is that any stroller that folds has moving parts that can be dangerous. So always make sure children’s little hands are far away when you are closing, or opening any pram, buggy, or jogger, of any brand.
Back to the Techno…check out this canopy! It is HUGE! It unzips to pull down so far that you almost don’t need the included raincover.
It has two huge pockets in the back of the canopy to store that cover, just in case, or a mosquito net, or whatever detritus we parents seem to accumulate.
And wowee on these wheels! With these reflectors, they can see you coming a mile away. And both front and rear have suspension.
And these new WONDERFUL wheel covers keeps them fully encased, so no street dirt will soil your beautiful liner or fabric.Makes a tidy little package when you are carrying it, too.
You can get the “universal organizer” for cups, bottles, and more stuff.
And check out the new handles. So elegant! Still height adjustable, too.
Of course, the reflections don’t stop with just the wheels. There is so much of it, that it is hard to get a non-glowing picture, lol!
One thing to keep in mind about the Techno is that it has a flat recline and extendable legrest for a little baby. Yet it also has a huge amount of headroom for taller children. So it really can be your one and only stroller that will do-it-all, from birth until Kindergarten! It has a 55-pound weight limit, but more importantly, you can still steer it one-handed, even carrying heavier weights.
Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Black

Maclaren Techno XT stats:
Weight: 17 pds.
Width: 18.5″

Length: 24.5″
Height: 40″-44″
Seat Width: 13″
Seat Back: 18″
Seat to Canopy: 27″
Seat Depth: 10-14.5″
Drop to Footrest: 9″
Seat to Floor: 15″

Folded: 12″ x 12.5″ x 42″

I can help you find the perfect stroller for YOUR needs. Don’t let a salesperson sell you a stroller that won’t work for you! For more info on consultations, visit There are lots more reviews here, and info on how to get the 2010 BIG Stroller Roll-Out, an online video magazine of all the new stroller models.


2 Dec

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, you see a celebrity pushing this:Ooops, sorry, wrong picture! That’s because we’re not in Manhattan today, nor in Beverly Hills. We are at the ZzzzOOO, with the Cybex Callisto.The Cybex Callisto had some tall orders to fill this trip. Had to be comfy enough for all day at the Zoo, warm enough for a visit to Santa, hardy enough to tackle the underground caves, elegant enough for the Nutcracker Ballet, fold small enough to fit in a horse and carriage, and easily enough so as not to annoy the husband, who would be using it a lot. Start with the ballet suitability…did it pass? I would say so. The Callisto is very sumptuous, very rich. Love the design on the canopy. They are a little different on all the models.
But you can push it back, to better see the lions, or tigers, or Zebras, oh my!
There are currently four Cybex models for sale in the US. The feature rich, top of the line Callisto, and the Topaz, Onyx and Ruby. The main differences are that each model down is a step down in features–i.e. umbrella handles instead of the single bar, less recline, no napper bar, no suspension, etc. But they all have cool designs, you should check them out.
A “hidden benefit”is that Cybex is being distributed by Regal Lager. They are the company that used to distribute Phil and Ted’s. Anyone who has ever dealt with them has been impressed by their helpfulness and class. Customer Service is something that everyone needs to consider when buying a stroller. Especially since the higher-end ones aren’t cheap anymore. And a lot of people have no choice but to buy online, since they don’t have the retailers nearby.
The suspension on the wheels made for a very smooth ride to the underground caves. Check out the aluminum rims! And the deep recline means SP 2.0 could take a long noon nap, after a long day of animal watching.The fabric is a soft brushed cotton, so very inviting. The foot muff I used is the faux fur Maclaren, but you can get a matching one from Cybex. Here you can see some other “designer” features. There is a front visor to help with the low sun rays, a front napper bar, a rain cover, and the single bar handle makes for a great one-handed push. It’s height adjustable, too! Yet the Callisto DOES fold umbrella style. How is that possible? Well, to fold it, you first reach down and lift up a latch in the center back, down by the basket. Similar to most umbrella folds, except you lift it with your hand, instead of kicking it. Then, you push the top button in, and the both sides of the handle magically fold inwards, towards each other. So voila! it becomes an umbrella. Pretty cool, actually.
One of my favorite things about the Callisto is the super smooth recline. There is a little handle in the back, which you lightly squeeze. Then the seat gently comes all the way down, to four different positions. The harness is interesting, too. It’s a puzzle buckle, like on a car seat. And the strap adjustment is also like your car seat. To loosen the harness, you push on the button on the seat, and pull it out. Then to tighten it, you pull the bottom of the strap.
Another thing I like is how long the leg rest extends. This feature is a make it or break it for us right now, in terms of baby’s comfort level. And when baby ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy! But here, you see he clearly is. Just chillin‘ and watching the ‘Roos.Cybex 

Weight: 18 pds.

Width: 21″

Length: 26″

Height: 41″

Seat Width: 13″

Legrest: 18″”

Seat Back: 18″

Seat to Canopy: 27.5″

Drop to Footrest: 9″

Seat to Floor: 18″

Folded: 16″ x 10″ x 43″

I can help you find the perfect stroller for YOUR needs. Don’t let a salesperson sell you a stroller that won’t work for you! For more info on consultations, visit There are lots more reviews here, and info on how to get the 2010 BIG Stroller Roll-Out, an online video magazine of all the new stroller models.

Pompeii had no time to "Blink"

18 Oct

Britax Blink Review

I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Pompeii. The leisurely class, relaxing at their Romanesque stolen from Greek style marble villas, outside gazing at their fountains and gardens, or indoors at their magnificent murals and frescoes…when suddenly, a wave of molten lava roars down from Mt. Vesuvius, encasing men, women, children, dogs, art, and everyday household objects, under layers and layers of ash and pumice…It is not the gory details that interest me, it is the details of their lives and how they lived, forever frozen for 1700 years in bedrock tombs.

So I was very excited when I heard about the “Pompeii” exhibit opening at the museum. And naturally, seeing as how I am Strollerqueen, I started thinking about what stroller to take! I think the Britax Blink was a good choice. Small enough to zip around the statuary, yet stable enough to carry enough bags of stuff for all day. You can see it loaded up here, in front of the statue that greets you at the entrance. Which alas, was the last photo I was allowed to take

inside. Which was fine. There was still more “art” to see outdoors. The kids had fun in this “Tupperware display.” And notice how well it matches the “Double Dots” pattern. How could I have known? Heehee.

The Blink reclines with a back drawstring, which is what we are seeing on most strollers these days. It goes down about half-way, similar to the Maclaren Quest. It is sufficient for an older baby to nap.

It has some nice features, like bigger than average wheels, a sun visor in the canopy, and a back carry strap. The basket and fold are pretty Mac-like. In fact the whole stroller is pretty Mac-like, though it’s weight is more Techno than Quest.

The legrest is pretty long, which is a feature we really like at this age. Oh, and one other cool thing–it comes with it’s own travel bag. Great for keeping it clean in an airplane or train cargo hold, or even just in the car, or for storage.

Britax Blink Lightweight Stroller

Weight: 16.5 pds.

Width: 19″

Length: 26″

Height: 41″

Seat Width: 13″

Seat Depth: 9-15″

Seat Back: 19″

Seat to Canopy: 25″

Drop to Footrest: 9″

Seat to Floor: 14″

Folded: 41″ x 11″ x 13″ (w/out wheels)

I can help you find the perfect stroller for YOUR needs. Don’t let a salesperson sell you a stroller that won’t work for you! For more info on consultations, visit There are lots more reviews here, and info on how to get the 2010 BIG Stroller Roll-Out, an online video magazine of all the new stroller models.