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Peg Perego Pliko Switch Review

24 Feb

Chapter 9.

Turkey Switch

I’ve always been fascinated by fossils. One day, when I was a little girl, I was walking in the mountains. Something caught eye. It was a seashell, imbedded in rock. Upon closer inspection, there were more, including some imprints of odd looking sea creatures. I looked way down at the ground, and saw how high up I was. Then I looked over at the seashells. And I realized, with astonishment, that where I was standing, this high peak, was once submerged beneath the ocean. I was hooked.

So seeing the fossils is the REAL reason I get so excited about the county fair every year. OK, well, the horse races, too. And the concerts. Now I needed a stroller that was comfy for a long day, would face me, had a reasonable basket, great canopy, and would pack small enough for travel. Answer: the Pliko Switch. The Moka is a perfect color for fall. It also worked well for the little turkey, when we traveled for Thanksgiving. The footsteps for an older child to ride, and the boot, are a bonus.
It stands alone when folded, and the canopy comes all the way down to the snack tray. The Switch has all the tried and true features you love on the P3, but now you can actually see your baby’s face!
Peg-Perego Pliko Switch

So while the kids were excited about seeing farm animals, raking hay, milking cows, and eating that horrific fried sugary and fried stuff that passed for food, I took SP 2.0 in the Switch, to see the old fossil guy. He lives in the mountains, and finds a lot of what he sells. He has a huge array of fossils, geodes, shark teeth, arrowheads, and more. As I surveyed this year’s curiosities with awe, he peered at me over his glasses. Didn’t say a word. And I began, as usual, to ask too many questions about the treasures I was finding. He patiently answered them. Then turned to my husband, and pointed a gnarly finger at me. “This one here,
she always takes a LONG time to make up her mind” he said.

And we go back a long time. The first time I saw him, my girlfriend Kitty and I were going to the horse races. He was right outside the door. I was shocked to see that someone actually sold something that was 5-million years old. I wanted to stop and take a look, but Kitty grabbed my arm and dragged me inside. She was so excited. We were only in high school, but we had taken a long time to make our hair too big, our eyeliner too long, and our clothes too sophisticated for a fair.We were trying to “pass”as old enough to get in. It worked. As soon as we walked through the gate, we heard “Pss,pss, hey girls!” We looked around. Then again “Pss, pss, hey girls!” We still didn’t see anything. Then, “GIRLS!” and we looked down, and saw a little bitty jockey. “Girls, let me give you a tip” he said. Bet all your money on that horse over there, number 16. ” We looked at each other. “Girls, I have the inside track. I KNOW he will be the winner. Trust me! Bet all your money on horse number 16.” We took out about half our money, fingering it longingly. “No, no, ALL of it! You’ll get it back 10 times over!” he said. So we sighed, and handed over all our cash. And then the race was on, and it was over almost as soon as it began. Did the horse win?
HECK no! Not only did he lose, he came in last. Dead last. Dragging behind the pack. And we were broke. Not even enough to buy a coke. That’s the last time I ever took a tip from a jockey. We were too mad to watch any more races, and left. On the way out, there was the jockey, on the side, laughing at us. We started chasing him, but our stilletos slowed us down. So he got away. Stepping outside, we blinked in the bright sun. And there, again, were the fossils. I couldn’t buy any, but at least I could hold them. And imagine what it was like in the prehistoric times in which these ugly trilobites lived.

Peg Perego Pliko Switch
Weight: 23 pds.
Width: 22″
Length: 31″
Handle Height: 41″
Seat Back: 18
Seat to Canopy: 22
Seat Depth: 17″ (footrest extended)
Seat Width: 12″
Drop to Footrest: 12″
Ground to Seat: 18″
Folded: 15 x 17 x 41

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