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Peg Perego Pliko Mini Review

16 Mar

Many Mini Errands

Errands and quick trips. Doctor’s and drug stores. May not be glamorous, but it’s something we all must do. And we’ve had our fair share of the latter this winter! Of course, babies and toddlers complicate the process. But a good stroller makes it sooo much easier, and faster.

Ergo, the Pliko Mini was born. If last year’s Si’ was the equivalent in size and weight to the original Pliko, of about a dozen years ago; this year’s Mini hearkens back to an even earlier era, that of the Sprint. It was one of Perego’s earliest umbrella strollers. Pretty bare bones, but small and light. It was ideal for public transportation, or for carrying up and down stairs.

Since then, strollers in general have become bigger and heavier over the years. Much of this has to due with additional features–bigger canopies, bigger wheels, bigger baskets, snack trays, more seat padding, height adjustable handles, deeper reclines, legrests, etc. But some of it also has to due with moving manufacturing to China, and the more widespread use of cheaper, heavier grade alloys in the frames.

But, Perego has been the first manufacturer to announce their departure from China back to their Italian homeland. So it makes sense for them to return to their retro, lightweight roots, too.

Which is not to say that the Mini is bare-boned, because it really isn’t. Especially compared to umbrella strollers of yore. It has a nice sized basket.

Pretty good recline.

Which is done by side levers. Much easier than a drawstring.

Good sized wheels with suspension.

Beautiful, Italian tailored fabric.

Decent sun canopy,

Peekaboo mesh window, for air circulation, or checking on baby.

Long legrest, which is great for napping, or smaller children.


Height adjustable handles, for taller parents or caregivers.


5 point harness.

And that wonderful, quick fold that made the Pliko so indispensable to a generation of parents and children.

And it stands folded. Extremely convenient, and easy to store.

A right hand side carry handle makes it great for travel.

Best of all, it’s the lightest stroller that Peg has offered in years.

Because let’s face it, who wants to lug a heavy stroller around to the doctor’s office,

or bank,




or Irish dance competition.

And the seat is even big enough to hold all StrollerPrincess’ trophies!

Weight:                             13.5 lbs.

Seat to canopy:                 24″

Seat back:                         28.5″

Seat width:                        12″

Seat depth:                        10-15″

Drop to footrest:               11″


Seat to ground:                 15.5″

Width                                19″

Length:                              27″

Height:                               39-41″


Folded:                               12″L x 12″W x 38″H

For more 2011 models, or for help choosing a stroller, go to

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

17 May
Baby Jogger Mini Check Mate
I was thinking, because of the success of the Valco Latitude on my last trip to court, I would take it’s Doppleganger to court this next time. And the success of the new Baby Jogger City Mini has been nothing short of amazing. People love the Mini’s light weight, huge canopy, and amazingly easy fold. The wheels are by no means all-terrain, but they do perform better outdoors than your average umbrella stroller. I like it’s versatility. Because of the deep recline, you can put a very young baby in it. And since the seat is quite large, it can hold a pre-schooler. I have tried it out with both sizes. And you can still push it one-handed with a heavier child.As you can see, the under basket is pretty small. But there is another large net pocket on the back. To recline it, you just squeeze that clip that’s holding the strap, and slide the seat down.Now a very cool feature is that when it is in full recline, you can unroll the back fabric, to reveal “voila”! the large net back vent. Great feature for air circulation on a hot day. You can see from both the back and the front how deep the recline goes. Now here is why I am going to court again. I was taking the original Stroller Prince to his first day of Chess. He was so excited! It was early in the morning and the street was deserted. I saw my neighbor walking from the front of the school. He told me to drive around to the back, because it would be closer to the class. Big mistake. I drove up to the stop sign. On one side, there is an apartment building. On the other, the street was closed due to construction, and there was a big sign that said “Closed to through traffic.” I glanced over at all the pavers and bull-dozers. And the next thing I know, a motorcycle cop sprang from behind the apartment building. I was happy I hadn’t done anything wrong. Or had I? He was red lighting me! I pull over, and he asks for my license. “I’m sorry. ” I tell him. “I was rushing to get my daughter to school, and to take my son to his chess class. I had their backpacks and I was carrying the baby and I had no hands left for my purse. It has my license and insurance card in it. I’ll just run home and get it.” “Step out of the car please”, he says sternly. “The law says every time you go out on the highway, you have to have your license.” “But”, I say, “I’m not on the highway. I am just on a little old neighborhood street. I’m two blocks away from home!” Now he starts running a background check on me. “Mom, I’m gonna’ be late! I’m gonna’ be embarrassed!” SP yells. “Could I please just bring him to class?” I ask. “You could follow me.” “You’re not going anywhere, but he can go”, motorcycle cop says. “You mean let him walk four blocks by himself? Do you think that’s safe? ” “I don’t care” motorcycle cop says. OK, now I am getting mad. My son is crying, my baby is crying, and I am being held against my will. “Well, you SHOULD care!” I tell him. You took an oath to ‘protect and serve.’ You are neither protecting me, nor serving me. No wonder there are so many burglaries in my neighborhood. You are too busy hiding behind buildings and trapping school parents, because that is easy! Easy and lucrative. We don’t shoot you, and we pay our fines.” Now he is getting mad, too. “You know I could arrest you”, he says. “What for, for telling the truth”? I say. “You have an illegal sticker on your car. Take it off”, he says. Now, the sticker he is pointing to is mandatory for my area. It allows you to park on the street. I try and explain that. “Nope, never seen it. Take it off”, he says. “You REALLY aren’t from around these parts, are you son?” I said. “AGH”! He waves his hand at me, jumps on his bike and takes off. But not before issuing me a bunch of tickets, including failure to come to a complete stop, no proof of license, no insurance, etc. As he leaves, he drives down the street that says “No vehicles allowed.” I drop my son off at his class, go home and grab my purse, and come back. There he is, hiding behind the apartment building, waiting to trap another suburban mom.” “Hi there”, I said. He jumped. “Here’s my license and registration and proof of insurance”, I say, handing it to him. “I don’t want that. It’s too late” he says. “You know”, I say. “This is all so uneccessary. There is no through traffic here! If I really didn’t stop long enough, as you say, you could have issued me a warning. You could have shown a little compassion fo a mom juggling three kids, trying to get them all fed and dressed and off to school on time. We are all just human, doing the best we can. I’m sure that you didn’t mean to go down that street that is closed to through vehicles.” ‘WHAT?!!!” He says. “Are you accusing ME of breaking the law?” “I didn’t say that”, I said. “I’m just saying we all make mistakes.” “AHHH”, he says, waving his hand at me again, and driving off. So once again, I have to post another thousand dollar bail.

Baby Jogger Mini Stats:
Weight: 16.5 pounds
Folded: 24″ x 29″ x 8″
Width: 24″
Length: 34″
Handle height: 41″
Seat Width: 13.5″
Seat Depth: 9″
Seat to Canopy: 23.5″
Seat back: 21.5″
Drop to Footrest: 9″
Comparison of Mini to Zapp
Since both of these strollers are very hot right now in the lightweight category, I wanted to do a “mini” comparison. The measurements on these two are remarkably similar, as you can see from the stats. The biggest difference is in the length. As you can see, the Zapp has a much shorter wheel base. The handle height is shorter, too. The Zapp is a pound heavier, and has no recline. Whereas you saw how far back you could recline the Mini’s seat.The Zapp’s seat back and seat to canopy is about a half inch taller. Both have very wide seats, but the Zapp’s is an inch bigger at it’s widest part, then tapers down by the hips. It has an inch shorter drop to footrest.Both of these are on the wide side, at 24″. especially for a lightweight. However, a 3-wheeler must have a wider rear stance than a 4-wheeler, for stability. OK, neither are technically 3-wheelers, but that is kind of their design. You can see how the Zapp can fold in smaller, with it’s tripod legs that tuck in underneath the seat. Both have superb maneuverability.

Quinny Zapp Review

17 May

Zapp the Red White and Blue

It’s Election Day! And of course, that requires a stroller that is patriotic. Not a problem! Take the new, cobalt blue Quinny Zapp. Add in an American flag, a red parasol, red Skip Hop, white and red Skip Hop wipes case (Swipe), white onesie on baby, and you’re good to vote!

It was a terrific choice. The husband called in advance to find out where our polling place was. Turns out, it was just down the block, and around the corner. So we didn’t need to walk far. A big A/T wasn’t necessary. But perhaps a one-handed push would be important. There is no umbrella stroller that is easier to push one-handed than the Zapp, period. And it’s small footprint and great style makes it a really fun stroller to use.It has no recline, so it is best suited to a child six months and older. And it will suit a much older child. Look at all the growing room that SP 2.0 has! The seat back is one of the tallest I have measured. But it folds really tiny. In fact, the Zapp bills itself as “The world’s smallest folding stroller.” This, and the raincover and travel bag that comes with it, makes it ideal for travel. Many have reported stashing it in the airplane’s overhead bin. They say the travel bag looks like any other carry-on.All the children were excited to go to the polling place. I say all, because in addition to my three, I generally have four or five others hanging about. But of course, this election generated a huge amount of interest. The whole brood even voted in their schools. After they decorated their bikes and scooters, they started discussing who the winner would be. And who they voted for. Discussing, then arguing. I guess politics isn’t even a safe topic among the 10 and under set! They got another interesting lesson when we got to the voting booths. Despite the fact that they told the husband my name was on the list, it wasn’t. Which meant I couldn’t vote. The lady in charge said she would let me vote provisionally, if I could show her a valid ID. I couldn’t. Yes, believe it or not, I don’t always leave the house with the thought in mind that I will have to prove I am who I am. This has gotten me in trouble more than once, as you will see in the upcoming chapter in “Adventures in Strollerland!” Anyway, it was good to have the Zapp to zip home to get the proof I exist.

 Quinny Zapp


Quinny Zapp Stats:
Weight: 17.5 pounds
Folded: 15″ x 27″ x 13″
Width: 24″
Length: 22″
Handle height: 39.5″
Seat Width: 14.5″
Seat Depth: 8″
Seat to Canopy: 24″
Seat back: 22″
Drop to Footrest: 8″

Silver Cross Dazzle Stroller Review

17 May

Hollywood Dazzle
I started out with a close-up shot of the artwork on the seat of the Silver Cross Dazzle. It’s something that doesn’t show up well in the stock photos. And each of the four colors has a different pattern. It’s kind of like a mask, or a disguise.You see the design, and the true stroller is revealed underneath. Which made it the perfect choice to take to the Halloween costume shop/haunted house. I knew I needed something as small as possible, because it would be crowded. But it also has to have a very deep recline and extendable leg rest, since SP 2.0 was still so young. And I wanted something cozy, so he could hide out a little bit, if the screaming ghouls and ghosts and goblins got too much.

The artwork extends to the back of the stroller, too.

The attention to details carries through to the canopy. There is a viewing window on the top, which is held open or closed with magnets.

And there are dual side mesh vents for air circulation, with flaps to keep the sun from streaming in. Not something I needed in the dark haunted house, though. I guess because we are so close to Hollywood, everyone goes all out on All-Hallows Eve. Animatronics with zombies removing their heads are big, caged insane people, swords through the chests, well, it gets pretty grizzly.

Good thing there is suspension on all the wheels, in case we have to rush out of there fast! But we actually lingered a loooong time. Not just to see the “spook-tacular” displays, but because the original Strollerprince was so picky in choosing his costume. The Princess grabbed a Supergirl set and called it a day. DS, on the other hand, tried on every Star Wars mask in the lot. “Do I look more handsome as Anakin or Obi-Wan? Clone Trooper or Commander Cody?” And he’s 7, sigh.
Fortunately, SP 2.0 was happily enthralled watching a giant animatronics mad scientist mixing up a fiendish brew in a test-tube.The Silver Cross Dazzle gave him a front row seat.
The Dazzle takes up very little room in the car, leaving plenty of space for all the pumkins that need to be carved, orange and black lights that need to be strung, skeletons and witches that need to be hung, and the masks, capes, boots, belts, and costumes to be donned for the big event.

Silver Cross Dazzle Stats:

Weight: 15 pounds

Folded: 41 x 9 x 13

Width: 23″

Length: 20″

Handle height: 43″

Seat Width: 13.5″

Seat Depth: 8″-12″

Seat Height: 20″

Seat to Canopy: 26″

Seat back: 20″

Drop to Footrest: 8″