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Halloween Tike

3 Nov

Tike Tech City X3 Stroller Review

Look, up in the sky…It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s SUPER StrollerPrince, in his jack o’ lantern orange Halloween Tike Tech!

The school party is just the beginning of the Halloween week-end. It will be followed by another party at night, trick or treating, Dia de los Muertes, and more..

So it’s a good thing the City X3 has a lot of storage space, both in the large rear seat pocket, and in the basket.

The 20.5″ seatback is taller than most, and SP, um, “Superbaby” has plenty of headroom under the canopy. The front napper bar makes a great footrest, and the ample canopy provides plenty of shade.

Of course, if you want, you can push it back. Which we will do tonight, since we will be out when the sun is down.

Now the big night is nigh. The night all the little ghouls, ghosts, and goblins await…OK, the night all the little Hannah Montanas, Michael Jacksons, and Barack Obamas look forward to…

I am so happy to be pushing the Tike Tech City X3 through these crowds. The seat sits up high.

And the push is as smooth as butter fingers, and just as delicious. The rear shocks on the 12″ air tires make this a snickers sweet ride.
Yikes, it’s a witch, and she’s after my toes! Pull down the canopy, hurry!

The City X3 feels enclosed enough to make SP 2.0 feel safe, from other-worldly encounters.

It even has little mesh pockets inside, for a little guy to stash his rabbit’s foot, or lucky penny, or just a sippy cup.
The thickly padded handle is height adjustable, and very comfortable. And if your candy hand is sticky, no worries. You can just push it with two fingertips, thanks to what the company calls the “IFD” (independent frame damping) and “QAT” (quick adjustable tracking. )
The 14″ wide seat is comfy, if you want to take a break from gathering candy to watch “Nightmare before Christmas.”
And it has a deep recline. So its a nice bed, if you are far from home, and need to sleep. And if you need to throw it in the car, just pull up the side safety catch, and the two triggers under the handle.
Not only does it have the function, it also has the form. This is one good-looking stroller. And it costs less than most of it’s kith and kin. No tricks here, just a treat. The Tike Tech CityX3 is royally deserving of my “5 Crown Royal Ranking.”
Tike Tech City X3 Swivel Stroller

Weight: 28 pounds
Width: 23.5″

Length: 36″

Height: 37″ to 45″

Seat Width: 14″
Seat Depth: 9″

Seat Back: 20.5″

Seat to Canopy: 25″
Drop to Footrest: 9.5″
Seat to Floor: 22″
Folded: 32.5″ x 23.5″ x 18″

TFK Mama Board & Dreamer Design Review

17 May

Mother’s Day Mama Board on Park Avenue

Ever since I first saw a picture of a Euro mama “skateboarding” with this, while pushing her baby in a pram, I have wanted one. Heck, why should kids have all the fun? So natch I was thrilled when TFK showed up at the “2009 BIG Stroller Roll-Out”, and announced they were coming to America! I was practically swooning over the Mama Board they had on display. Of course, the kind and patient Ms. Katy Halmen of “Trends for Kids” (TFK) thought I was a little crazy. Nothing new, there. But ANY way, TFK has finally made it to this side of the pond, which meant the Mama Board made it to the side of my strollers, haha!

I have this attached to the Dreamer Design Park Avenue. The axle must be thinner than the one on the TFK Joggster, because I couldn’t get the strap quite tight enough. So it did slide around some, but it is not supposed to. It is very, very easy to attach, though.

The Park Avenue, by the way, is an affordable option for those looking for a reversible stroller. And it is rare to find a reversible 3-wheeler. It’s too bad Dreamer went out of business. But you can still find the Park Avenues floating around. The stroller itself weighs 23 pounds. The seat back is 20″. It has a front bar, height adjustable handle, and an easy trigger fold.

The Park Avenue has a one hand recline on the canopy, a pocket with small compartments on the back, a net pouch, and a decent sized basket.

But I think, all things considered, that it would be best to attach the Mama Board to a fixed wheel jogger with a hand brake. The Park Avenue has a swivel front wheel. And that, combined with a high center of gravity, made it somewhat of a tipping hazard.Especially since both the StrollerPrince and Princess were fighting over the ride. They did keep the wrist strap on at all times, but that doesn’t help the stability.

One really nice thing about the Mama Board is how large it is, and it’s high weight limit. As you can see, the StrollerPrince and StrollerPrincess can both fit nicely on it.

Even sitting down!

The quality is terrific, like a high-end skateboard.

As with any riding board attachment, though, keep in mind that the smaller wheels are not going to be able to handle rough terrain. Nevertheless, what a fun way get some fresh air and exercise, for both you and your little ones.

Trends For Kids

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Strollerland!