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i’Coo Targo Review

17 May

The i’coo Targo and the Contrarian Librarian
Spring was turning to summer, and I didn’t want the children’s brains to turn to mush. So I enrolled them in the reading program at the local library. I had visions of walking there every day with my new i’coo Targo, with a basket big enough to hold plenty of books!

Icoo Targo Stroller and Pram 

The canopy unzips to provide plenty of ventilation in the hot weather, so I knew SP 2.0 wouldn’t get overheated.

He would also have a cozy place to nap, as his older brother and sister leisurely perused the stacks.

Well, at least I got the napping part right. The bassinet on the Targo is one of the largest and deepest of any I have seen. And SP 2.0 slept in it very well, indeed. The part I got wrong was, well, all of the rest of it. They say in life, success is a matter of timing. Apparently, so is checking out library books. Don’t ever try to do it when it is A.) Your birthday. And your Driver’s License is expiring. So you *think* you are doing the right thing, by going in early to renew it. But what this means is, your picture ID that you need everywhere, in order to be considered a legitimate citizen, heck to even be considered a sentient being, has been replaced by a flimsy piece of paper. In the parlance of the DMV, it is a “temporary license”. In the library, it means you are a deadbeat criminal who intends to steal every book in the joint. Add in the B.) Which is, don’t even attempt to check out a book if you have moved. Even if it is within the same zip code, on the same block, with most of the digits on the street address remaining the same. C.) Throw in a cantankerous librarian into the mix, and now you’ve got the latest chapter in “Adventures in Strollerland!”

The day we enrolled, things went smoothly. I still had my picture ID, still had the same address. The children made several selections, and we checked out their books. Once they had finished reading them, we went back to the library to return them, and check out more. By now, though, I only had the temporary DL, and we had moved. Yes, a lot can happen in a week. We waited in line, and handed in our returns. Then tried to check out the new books. Tried, as in, in vain, unsuccessfully, failed. The librarian took one look at my DL, and disdainfully handed it back. “You can NOT check out books with THIS”, she proclaimed loudly. All eyes were upon me, as I began to turn red and shrink. “But”, I said, “You let me check out books last week. ” She peered down over her glasses and said, “THEN you had a picture ID. Now you don’t.” “But look”, I say. “Here is my library card”. She scrutinized it, matched it to the temporary license, then yanked it back. “I am confiscating this”, she says. “Your addresses don’t match.” “But, but, we moved”, I stammered, as I shrank, even smaller, and melted as well under the stares of the other patrons. “It’s, it’s just across the street. See, only the last two digits changed. ” “It’s a different address, and you have to apply for a new library card”, she said. So I fill out the application. And get back in line with the books. And the children began complaining that they were hungry, and can we go now? Luckily, SP 2.0 was still resting nicely in the Targo. I liked the fact that the bassinette was height adjustable. So I could raise it up closer for him to be more at eye level.

Now I am at the front of the line. I hand in the application for the new card. “Driver’s license please,” says the contrarian librarian. I hand it to her. “You can’t apply with this”, she says. “You need a PICTURE ID.” Exasperated, I say “Look, don’t you remember me?” (You would think she would at least remember a gorgeous Houndstooth stroller like this.)

I continued…”
Last week you let me check out that stack of children’s books, no problem. All I am trying to do is to follow the lesson plan in the reading program, and to keep the kids up to speed. Can’t you just let me check these out, just this once?” And again, she looks down at me over the top of those glasses. “Do you know how many people come in here with the same stories as yours?” she says. “If I let everyone check out books that don’t have picture ID’s, and have invalid adddresses, there would be no books left in this library!’ Oh yes, she did too say that. And in that instant, I knew the Targo would never again be loaded down with books, taking a leisurely stroll to the library on a warm summer day…

i’coo Targo:

Weight: 23 pounds
Folded: 23 x 44 x 18.5
Width: 23.5″
Height: 23″-40″
Seat Width: 12.5″
Seat Depth: 10″
Seat Back: 19.5″
Seat to Canopy: 24″
Drop to Footrest: 10″