Peg Perego Pliko Mini Review

16 Mar

Many Mini Errands

Errands and quick trips. Doctor’s and drug stores. May not be glamorous, but it’s something we all must do. And we’ve had our fair share of the latter this winter! Of course, babies and toddlers complicate the process. But a good stroller makes it sooo much easier, and faster.

Ergo, the Pliko Mini was born. If last year’s Si’ was the equivalent in size and weight to the original Pliko, of about a dozen years ago; this year’s Mini hearkens back to an even earlier era, that of the Sprint. It was one of Perego’s earliest umbrella strollers. Pretty bare bones, but small and light. It was ideal for public transportation, or for carrying up and down stairs.

Since then, strollers in general have become bigger and heavier over the years. Much of this has to due with additional features–bigger canopies, bigger wheels, bigger baskets, snack trays, more seat padding, height adjustable handles, deeper reclines, legrests, etc. But some of it also has to due with moving manufacturing to China, and the more widespread use of cheaper, heavier grade alloys in the frames.

But, Perego has been the first manufacturer to announce their departure from China back to their Italian homeland. So it makes sense for them to return to their retro, lightweight roots, too.

Which is not to say that the Mini is bare-boned, because it really isn’t. Especially compared to umbrella strollers of yore. It has a nice sized basket.

Pretty good recline.

Which is done by side levers. Much easier than a drawstring.

Good sized wheels with suspension.

Beautiful, Italian tailored fabric.

Decent sun canopy,

Peekaboo mesh window, for air circulation, or checking on baby.

Long legrest, which is great for napping, or smaller children.


Height adjustable handles, for taller parents or caregivers.


5 point harness.

And that wonderful, quick fold that made the Pliko so indispensable to a generation of parents and children.

And it stands folded. Extremely convenient, and easy to store.

A right hand side carry handle makes it great for travel.

Best of all, it’s the lightest stroller that Peg has offered in years.

Because let’s face it, who wants to lug a heavy stroller around to the doctor’s office,

or bank,




or Irish dance competition.

And the seat is even big enough to hold all StrollerPrincess’ trophies!

Weight:                             13.5 lbs.

Seat to canopy:                 24″

Seat back:                         28.5″

Seat width:                        12″

Seat depth:                        10-15″

Drop to footrest:               11″


Seat to ground:                 15.5″

Width                                19″

Length:                              27″

Height:                               39-41″


Folded:                               12″L x 12″W x 38″H

For more 2011 models, or for help choosing a stroller, go to

2 Responses to “Peg Perego Pliko Mini Review”

  1. DG April 30, 2011 at 5:09 am #

    What do you think about this stroller for using in Europe on cobblestones? Nowhere near me has it on the floor to try out against a Maclaren Quest. I really like the tiny, vertical fold! I’m also very curious about the Maxi Cosi Noa but don’t know if it’s coming to the US…

    • strollerqueen August 10, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

      I think I would choose the Peg Si’ instead. Hardier wheels.

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