Halloween Quest

14 Nov

Maclaren Quest Stroller, Beatles Yellow Submarine

Look, it’s John Lennon! When he was a baby. Riding in his Yellow Submarine Mac Quest.

Nah, it’s really SP 2.0. I have reviewed the Quest previously, but they keep putting out models that are so stinkin’ cute! Too hard to resist. Especially with the matching reversible liner with the embroidered mod sub.What’s not to love in a 12 pound, reclining with leg rest and carry strap,one-handed push, teeny tiny umbrella stroller? And all you need is love, right? 😉

Maclaren Quest Yellow Submarine

Weight: 12 pds.
Width: 17.5″
Length: 24″
Handle Height: 41″
Seat Back: 19″
Seat to Canopy: 27″
Seat Depth: 9″-14″ (footrest extended)
Seat Width: 12.5″
Drop to Footrest: 8″
Ground to Seat: 13″
Folded: 11 x 11 x 41


To see all the new stroller models for 2011, go to Strollerqueen.net And if you need me to help you find the perfect stroller, go to Strollerqueen.com

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