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Valco Quad Review

20 Apr


The girls were standing in the long line for the Matterhorn, and SP 2.0 was taking a snooze. Disneyland can be tiring for little ones, so it is important to have a comfy sleeper stroller for them. Then my friend squealed, “It’s Donny Osmond!” And sure enough, his handsome self and beautiful family strolled by.

He glanced down at SP asleep in the Valco Quad, and flashed that dazzling smile.

Next up was the “Autotopia ride, and another long line. By now SP 2.0 was awake, and watching the cars.

He seemed a little restless, so I took him out of the Quad to stretch his legs.

Next thing you know, he takes off running. Run, run, run. Darting through the legs and by the feet of the passer bys.”Excuse me, can you stop that boy?” I asked as I chased him along. No one tried. And then, he crashed smack into someone’s legs, who then picked him up. I looked up to see that familiar dazzling smile. “That kid again”, Donny Osmond said. And continued strolling along. “How did he notice SP 2.0 before?” my friend said. “He was sleeping!” “Well”, I said, “It must have been the Valco Quad that caught his eye!”

And likely admiring all these great features!

To start with, it has the canopy that pulls all the way down to shade from those hot Disney rays.

Then you have that mega comfy footrest, for napping or just resting.

And the front napper bar, to rest your hat on.

Some little side saddlebags for extra storage.

It is small enough to zip in and out of the crowds.

And the bouncy air tires really make for a gliding ride.

You can dial the front wheels to the position you need, Fixed, swivel, or tilt, if you want to add on a toddler seat.

Yep, it does take that infamous Valco toddler seat, to add on a second child!

For even more versatility, you can add a snack tray, foot muff, husssh bassinet, full bassinet, or hitchhiker riding board. Think of the possibilities!

And I don’t think I ever used more than one hand to push it the entire day; the steering is so easy.

The handle is height adjustable, so it works for a tall or a short person.

The fold isn’t bad. You lift up a couple of side latches, and a red safety catch.

Then you step down on the basket. It kind of crumples itself into a compact little package. Ah joy! No seat removal, it’s a one piece fold!

Of course I did see smaller strollers there. But if you are planning on staying well into the night, as we did, then you really need something more full-featured. The Quad was just right.

Small enough to fit on the trams, nimble enough to avoid running over people’s feet, and big enough to load down with bags.

And nope, no tipping.


Weight:                     23 pounds
Seat Back:                20.5″
Seat to canopy:         23″
Seat Width:               14″
Seat Depth:               10″-17″
Drop to footrest:       8″
Seat to ground:         20″
Length:                      29″
Width:                        22.25″
Height:                       29″-44″
Folded:                       31.5″L x 22.25″ W x 15″H (11″ w/out wheels)

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Bumbleride Indie Review

10 Apr

Bumbleride Bunny

The Bumbleride Indie in Spice, with it’s gorgeous color combo of orange and blue, just screams Easter! My only trepidation about taking it out of town was the fact that it is a 3-wheeler.

Could it fit it in the car with all of our luggage and Easter baskets?

Oh yeah, no problem! This is the most compact folding true A/T stroller I have seen! (Check out all of my measurements below.) Which is a good thing to know, since summer vacation is right around the corner. And not all of our adventures take place on paved roads. When I am traveling, these are some features in a stroller that I wish for.

Another very good thing to have when traveling is a big basket and carry handle–check. And a huge canopy, to protect against sun rays, and summer showers. Could it get any bigger than this? A napper bar is great to hang toys on, or snack trays. Check. An adjustable leg rest? Check. SP 2.0  is much more comfy when he has his feet up. And when baby is rested and happy, we are all rested and happy. A mesh vent in the hood would be nice…check… And perhaps a zipper in the back of the canopy for more ventilation, and a zippered pocket… And of course, for great maneuverability over those cobblestones, rutted roads, and trails, air tires with suspension and a front swivel wheel are a must-have:

An extra bonus would be a recline and harness that are easy to use, check:

And a height adjustable handle, if one pusher is tall, and the other is short: Stylish fabrics that are easy to clean would be lovely. Finally, it would be nice if it came with a rain cover. And if you could get a matching foot muff, diaper bag, snack tray, bassinet, and travel  bag. I would like it to have a flat recline for napping or a newborn, a large seat for bigger children, and the choice of a single or double, in lots of bright colors.

This is the stuff stroller dreams are made of. And this dream has come true, in the Indie. Thank you, Bumbleride, for granting our wishes.

Weight:                     22 pounds

Seat Back:                19″

Seat to canopy:       23″

Seat Width:             13.5″

Seat Depth:            10″-21″

Drop to footrest:   10″

Seat to ground:      19″

Length:                     37″

Width:                      24.5″

Height:                     26″-44″

Folded:                     32″L x 24″W x 15″H